Sambal Goreng Fish

Sambal Goreng Fish
A hot Indonesian sambal goreng recipe to try !.

* 2 White onions
* 2 Red onions
* 2 Green spanish peppers
* 2 Red spanish peppers
* A piece ginger.
* 2 Djeroek poeroet leaves;
* 2 Salam leaves; (bay leaves)
* 1 ts Laospowder; (Alpinia
* 1 tb Soysauce
* 1/2 c Water
* Stock cubes to taste
* 1 Red paprika
* 2 Tomatoes
* Some rhubarb when you like
* Fish; ( herring )


Fry the onions, peppers, ginger, the leaves + laos in oil. Add the soysauce. Pour the water with it, and add the stock cubes. Slice the paprika and the tomatoes, and cook it with this.When rhubarb is used, add this too. When it is done (after 10 minutes), put the fish in it, and let it cook with it, till the fish is ready.. (I hope this is clear. I told you, we dont use amounts, and never look at the time. Indonesian women taste all the time if the food is ready. And they add all kinds of stuff during the cooking. Every woman has her own way of cooking food. In a way there are only basic recipes)You can eat this with boiled white rice. The sambal goreng recipe of fish is ready . Enjoy it !

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